Hank Aaron: I’m so thankful that the one great person who was there, the person that I admired so much, was Stan Musial. Stan came, and he didn’t have to be there. Nobody paid his way. He paid his own way to come there, and he come there to see me get my 3,000th base hit, and that was the greatest. That was one of the greatest thrills I’ve had in my lifetime in baseball. Later on in my career, Stan and I, Joe Torre, Mel Allen, and Harmon Killebrew visit Vietnam. We stayed over there for three-and-a-half weeks or more, all of us, and Stan and I was roommates. I mean, he and I was roommates. It’s a funny thing. I tell this story because Stan, somebody had given him — or he had bought — a Kodak camera, one of these high, high cameras. Nobody knew how to use it but Stan. I don’t think Stan knew how to use it! And I remember going on these wild cases, and Stan would be clicking pictures and taking all kinds of pictures. And I told Stan, I said, “Stan, now you make sure when you get a copy of this, I want to get a copy of these pictures.” And the next time I saw Stan Musial, I said, “Stan, did you get a copy?” He said, “No, I didn’t get anything but the floorboard of a helicopter!” But that was Stan. He was such a wonderful person. Such a great ball player, but just a wonderful human being.