I gave baseball everything that I had. That’s the way that I did every single night that I played, or every day that I played. When I walked off that field, no matter where it was or when, I could walk in my hotel room and look myself in the mirror and say, “Hey, I gave it everything this afternoon that I had.” Sometimes I would go 0 for 4, sometimes I would go 4 for 4. Sometimes I would have two home runs, sometimes I wouldn’t have any. But I felt like, it just makes me feel great because of the fact that I didn’t abuse what I had, what God gave me. A lot of players, a lot of players I’ve seen, and I played with a lot of players that abused their ability to play the game. They took for granted that, “Oh, I got this ability to play and I can play it, no matter what.” I can almost tell you, if I hit — I never hit no more than 44 home runs — but I could tell you, the day after the season is over with, if we sat down in a corner and you said, “Who did you hit these 44 home runs off of?” I could almost tell verbatim who I hit those home runs off of. Yes.