As a little boy, growing up in Mobile, Alabama, I dreamed of playing baseball. I wanted to play baseball so bad, and had nobody to help me, so I just thought that if I ever get in a position to help other children, regardless of whatever color they may be, and chase their dream, I was going to try to do everything that I possibly could. Of course, when I retired, the Commissioner — who is now the Commissioner, Bud Selig, who owned the Milwaukee Braves at the time — was my boss. And the year that I retired, he said, “What would you like to have? Would you like to have a trip around the world, or would you like to have a trip?” Would you like to have a lot of things, I said, “Commissioner…” it wasn’t the Commissioner — I said, “Bud…” — he and I were very good friends — I said, “Bud, what I’d like to have is some kind of foundation, that when I retire from baseball that it would last, and go on and on and on.” And that’s why we call it Chasing the Dream Foundation.