Hank Aaron: Most African Americans and especially ball players come up, they don’t have the knowledge of saving, what to do, and they don’t have people to come to them and tell them how best to make an investment. I was no different than anyone else. We was busy trying to be part of what we called the American Dream. We didn’t have time, and when I say, “Didn’t have time,” nobody never came to us and told us that, “We would like for you to invest here,” or, “Do this, and do this,” and “Save your money.” So actually we were all guilty, myself along with the other black ball players. But the one thing that I think that helped me more than anything, I think that after playing for so long in Major League Baseball, I went through a period… I started when I was very young. Let me start back. I was fortunate enough to start playing when I was 18 years old. After graduating from high school, I started playing. I only spent a year-and-a-half in the minor leagues, and I got to the major leagues. So I was able to go through some periods of losing — well it didn’t make any money. I take that back, I didn’t have anything to get rid of, because I didn’t make any. I think it took me 10 years, after having great years, to even get to making 75,000 dollars. So I didn’t really make any money. Really, I started making money probably when I started chasing Babe Ruth’s record. I started signing on to do advertisements and things like that. But I wasn’t blessed like a lot of ball players in New York City to make a lot of money.