I got to talk to Jackie many, many times before he passed away. In fact, when I signed my first contract with the Braves, I remember playing an exhibition game against the Dodgers, in a little city. In Memphis, Jackie, Camp, and Don Newcombe were all sitting in the hotel, in a room, and they were all playing cards. I was in the corner watching them. Just standing there, watching with my mouth wide open, trying to make myself realize, “Oh God, am I here?” And to watch these guys play? But to answer your question directly, I think after that, I remember him telling me that the one thing that you have to remember about baseball is that the only way that you’re going to do something good for your team is that when you stand at home plate, make sure that you touch all the bases and get back to home plate, and that’s when you’re making a contribution to your team. He always said that. He always just said to just be humble at what you’re doing, and try to give all you can, and everything that you can to the game. And that’s what I’ve tried to do.