Hank Aaron: I think the Commissioner was listening to Dick Young, who was a sportswriter — God rest his soul, he’s no longer with us — he was a sportswriter in New York. I think he was kind of listening to Dick Young, and I had had some problems before. Dick Young thought that I should have played every game, every inning, every moment, no matter what. And yet I played the opening game, and I hit the home run. Then they wanted to sit me out the next two games, and the Commissioner come in and said, “No, he’s got to play two out of three games.” So they made me play two out of three games. They also said if I didn’t play, that Matthews, who was the manager at that time, would be serious… they would fine him something serious, and they would do something to me. Not do something, they were going to fine me also. And I said, “Umph!” I played two out of three games in Cincinnati, and then we come back here, and that’s when I hit the home run — because we had an off day — and that’s when I hit the home run.