Hank Aaron: I never had great luck against Al Downing. Al Downing was always very tough on me for some reason. Really. I remember him when he was with the Yankees, threw very hard, very, very hard, and had very good stuff. Then they traded him. He hurt his arm somewhere, I don’t know what, but he went on to the Dodgers and I still never had very good luck with him. He was pitching against us that night, and he had thrown me two — well, he walked me the first time up. The second time up, he had me at two balls, I think. Two balls and no strikes. Then he threw me a — it wasn’t a slider — he threw something like a little screwball or something. He was trying to keep the ball away from me, and what had happened was that I had creeped up on the plate just a little bit, and the screwball that he threw me, that pitch hung on the outside part of the plate, but it hung right down the middle, and I was able to get my bat on it, and that was it!