We said, “We will do this show, but you cannot call us and talk to us about any of your problems. We have to get this other show fixed and into New York and open on Broadway, and we’ll go to work the next day.” We also parenthetically said, “You guys are being all paid too much by Cheryl Crawford. It’s not that you don’t deserve more. It’s just not good from an investor’s point of view, and we’re going to renegotiate all your contracts.” Long pause. We did. We decided that we knew how to pay shows off quicker than anybody else, which is how we got a quick reputation in the business, and we wanted to continue. Anyway, we came in with New Girl, reviews very mixed, show ran, paid back. But I think six weeks later than it was meant to go into rehearsal, we actually went into rehearsal with West Side Story, having cast it, having completed the designs, having found the theaters, the bookings. We came to Washington, to the National (Theatre), and it was spectacular from the get-go in front of audiences.