The Madison Fund had a company which they controlled. It was the old Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad in Denison, Texas. We set up a holding company to utilize the tax loss that was being generated by this railroad. They were abandoning track that went into cornfield, and so forth. Merkle came to me one day, and he said, “Henry, I’d like you to buy companies for Katy Industries.” I said, “Well, that’s fascinating, but I don’t know how to buy a company. I’ve never bought a company in my life.” And he said, “Look, kid, you know how to pick stocks. You buy a company the same way you buy stocks. If you don’t like it you just sell it. And that’s that.” And I thought, well, it doesn’t sound right to me, but this man has been pretty good in the stock market, he must know, and he’s a lot older than I am. So, I said, “Fine, let’s see if I can find some companies.” I thought about areas where I could buy small companies, and really build a group. It was the oil service business I picked, because there were a lot of family companies down in Louisiana in particular. I spent a lot of time in New Orleans, and found a number of companies in the surrounding areas, like Houma, Louisiana, and Berwick, Louisiana and Lake Charles. I’d sit in these people’s homes, in their kitchens sometimes, eating crayfish with them and shrimp. They’d say, “Where’s the guy with gray hair?” They assumed somebody with gray hair was going to come down. “If my company is going to be sold, I’m not going to sell it to some kid here. I’m going to sell it to some guy with gray hair.” And I said, “Well, unfortunately, it’s me. I’m the only one you get to deal with.” And so I bought a few companies. They worked out all right.