So we were running around the track and about the second lap, something said, “Herschel, you’re not going to win.”  I’m running and I’m thinking, “Okay, wait a minute.”  Third lap, something said, “Herschel, you’re not going to win.”  And I’m up front.  There’s only like — I’m in second place.  I’m right up front.  I’m feeling good.  I’m not even tired. And going into the last lap, something said, “Herschel, you’re not going to win.  You’re not going to win this race.  You better get out of it.  You better get out of it.”  So I started thinking, “Oh, geez, I’m not going to win, so how can I get out of this race without embarrassing myself?” And I’m like in second, whereas I probably could have won it if I had kept running.  And I said, “Okay.  What am I going to do?  I’m going to pretend like I pulled a muscle.”  So on the last curve, I walked off the field and grabbed my hamstring and pretended like I hurt my leg.  And Willie Jenkins ended up winning this race and all day it bothered me.  I remember going home and getting off the school bus.  My younger brother ran up to me and said, “How did it go?  How did it go?”  And I said, “Well, I hurt my leg,” and I lied about it.  He said, “Oh, you know, you’ll get them next time.”  That made me feel so bad, because I lied, and I think the thing is I didn’t try.  I said then, no matter whatever happened in my life from then on — I don’t care what happened —  I’m going to give it everything I’ve got.  It’s funny because I see so many people today that don’t want to try, and I say I don’t care what I ever do, I never give up at anything anymore.  I don’t care what it is, you’ll never see me give up.