Too many people today are afraid to step up at bat.  They are afraid that life is going to throw them all kind of curve balls and this and that.  And you know what is so strange is there is no one in professional baseball that is batting a thousand.  I doubt there is anyone batting six hundred.  There is no one probably batting even five hundred.  But as long as you’re not afraid in life to step up and take on a challenge, you never know what is going to happen.  And every challenge that I have been faced, I am going to step up and swing.  Because one time I may hit a home run.  And that home run is going to carry me a little bit farther.  That’s what is so great to me about the Academy here.  I’ve won so many awards in my life.  I’ve won a lot of things.  But I remember when I got the word about coming up here to the Academy as a student — I was getting so many scholarships all at first — and I really didn’t know what to think of it, until I got here and saw the other students here.  And it made me proud to be a part of that.