You can take two little dogs. One can be a small dog, the other one is a small puppy, but it’s going to grow up to be this huge, 160-pound dog. And you can take this one 30-pound little dog that is an adult at the time, and this big dog, as he grows up, he is being dominated by this little dog. So he always grows up thinking this little dog can beat him. So he can get to his full size of 160 pounds, and this little dog still is only 30 pounds, but the big dog still thinks the little dog can beat him, so he is afraid of him because he doesn’t know any better.  Sometimes that’s the way the mind is. If you continue to say you can’t do it, you are not going to do it. But sooner or later you got to swing that bat because you never know if you’re going to hit a home run.