There’s criticism everywhere, and not all of it’s constructive. So you walk a fine line of trying to figure out what is healthy and what’s not. If someone says, “Your lips are too big,” which I’ve heard, was that constructive? Is there anything I can do about that? No. If someone says, “We feel you’re too half-hour,” that’s great that that’s their opinion and that’s why I didn’t get that job, but I’m not going to take that upon myself and say, “Okay. Well, then I’m just going to do comedy, and I’m only going to go in for comedy.” So it’s a fine line of figuring out what do you take in and have to help you grow. It’s a business, too. You can’t close off and become bitter at things that people say, even though you might not always want to hear it. So I would take some of the things in, and incorporate that into my craft, or to my auditioning, or to whatever it may be. And then other things, I’d have to really say, “Oh, that really stings. That’s a real bummer to hear that,” but not allow it to close me up, to continue to stay open, and say, “But that’s their opinion.”