After I won my first Academy Award, I thought, “Wow, everything’s going to change. I’m going to get so many offers, I’m not even going to have time to read everything, and I’m going to get all of these opportunities to work with people who inspire me and finally get real quality material.” Yes, that was partly the case, but what I realized was my first role was a role where people saw me as looking like a boy. So that was their first impression of me. Well, of course, that’s not who I am. I had long hair, and I’m a girl before I got the role, but I realized that that role, being everyone’s first impression, that I had a lot to prove. I still had a lot to prove. They didn’t see me as the girl next door or the funny girl or the pretty girl, and that I understand. And I didn’t become angry about it. I said, “Wow, well now my job is to continue to go in, to meet people, to read things, to fight for things, to prove that I’m not just that, that I can be so much more.” It’s a constant, constant job. It’s not easy for me.