Hilary Swank: I was asked by the Hetrick-Martin Institute to give their yearly award out, right after I had finished filming, and the movie hadn’t even come out yet. I went and I presented this award, which is an award that is given to people who have done great things in the gay, lesbian, transgendered community to either raise awareness or funds, or actors who have played roles and brought enlightenment to the community. That’s when I learned about it, and I was asked to be the spokesperson.  So I have been the spokesperson now, I guess for seven years, and worked closely with the kids there. There’s an accredited high school, the Harvey Milk School.  I work closely with the school’s chancellor in New York City to help expand the school and make it bigger.  There’s counseling services for the kids and their families.  A lot of these kids have been either ostracized from schools or their families and have lived on the street, turned to prostitution, myriad things.  So it is wonderful to be their spokesperson and be able to help raise money to give them a safe environment in which to learn and grow and realize their dreams.