I trained for five hours a day, two-and-a-half hours in boxing, and then — it was between four and five hours a day — two-and-a-half hours of boxing every day, six days a week, and an hour and a half of weight training, to two hours. I needed to eat 210 grams of protein a day, and your body can’t assimilate a lot of protein, so I had to eat every hour and a half, and I was a vegetarian. I ate fish at that time, but I didn’t eat red meat or anything that could help me. So a lot of my diet was egg whites. I had to eat 60 egg whites in a day. I don’t know if you’ve ever even tried to eat five egg whites. It’s fine and everything, but I just couldn’t eat that many. So I would just drink them. I would drink flax oil. I would drink protein shakes, but I also needed a lot of sleep at night because my body was going through this change, but I couldn’t go to sleep without waking up and eating. So I would wake up, and I would drink my protein shakes, too.