Staph is very dangerous. When I got to my doctor’s, he said, “Put your foot down. Stand up.” Not on it, but to stand up. “Put your foot down. I’ll be right back in.” He came back in, and he said, “This is very serious. You have to stop boxing immediately, and you are going to stay right here.” He drew a line on my leg, so it wouldn’t go above that, because if that gets to your heart, you die. So if that infection makes it up to your heart, that’s it. So obviously, it was devastating news to me that I wasn’t going to be able to box, and I only had this limited amount of time. So he said, “I can’t express to you…” I said, “I need to box. I need to box. Two days? Will it be over in two days?” and he said, “Listen to me. You have to stop. This is life-threatening. You have to stop. Just stop. Get your infection, until it’s gone, and then you can go training again.” So I took most of the advice. When I felt like the line was gone and it wasn’t red anymore, I couldn’t box still ’cause I couldn’t pivot on it, but I was still doing weight training. My trainer would piggyback me to the gym, and I’d do everything I could where I wasn’t standing on it. I was doing all my upper body and my sit-ups, and then he’d piggyback me back to my place.