Well, I’ve had a couple of interesting memory slips that forced me to actually compose as I was looking to find myself back into the thing.  So that was, shall we say, “a nice experience,” in quotes, and that was really something.  And I remember, I was playing, and all of a sudden I was doing my playing, and I heard the conductor clearing his throat in the middle of the performance, and I said to myself, “Can’t he clear his throat quietly?”  Because he was going ahem, ahem.  I said, “What is he doing?” So I kind of look up, and he was going like that, you know? Like, with a kind of question mark, and then I realized that I actually skipped an entire movement.  I started at the beginning and I was already at the end, and so I immediately went into defense mode!   I just kind of went like that, don’t worry about it, and that’s when I started to compose a couple of lines to get back to the cadence.