Itzhak Perlman:  I liked the sound of the violin.  When you hear people playing different instruments and you ask them, “What was it about this instrument that you like?” They will always say that, “It appeals to me.” My favorite example is in our program, the Perlman Music Program.  It’s a program for talented string players, and one of our teachers is a wonderful bass player.  And one time I asked her, I said, “Did you start on the bass, or did you just play the cello, and then you decided to…“ she said, “No, I always wanted to play the bass.” So what is it about the bass? Well, it’s about somebody’s reacting to a low sound.  I reacted to a high sound. My daughter always wanted to play the flute.  What is there about it? I  don’t know.  It’s something that appeals to you, you know?  It’s the same thing about, like, you go to a restaurant and you look at something and say, “I don’t like this. I hate that. I like this. “  What is it? Well, we are all different, so that’s the same about an instrument.