I was not very happy because I was missing my father because I came here only with my mother, and then my father joined us later. And I was missing my friends — I had friends in school and stuff.  So I was alone, and I didn’t speak the language, so I was not in a great mood.  Ms. DeLay came in, and she said something in English, and I couldn’t understand what she was talking about, and I just played.  And then we started.  So she was the first one to teach me, and then Galamian joined a few months later.  Her system was different than anything that I had experienced before. The way that she would teach would be you would play something and she would ask you what you thought about it.  She would ask you what I think can be done to maybe improve it or what I think. In other words, she — and I would always hate it because I wasn’t used to it. I was used to people telling me what to do, and I would try and do it.  She didn’t tell me what to do. She asked me what should I do, and I always said to her, “Just tell me.” My favorite example is when something was out of tune, she would say, “Sugarplum…“ She would always call you “Sugarplum.” She was from Kansas, you know. She said, “Sugarplum, what is your concept of G sharp?”  That was a code word that it was a little out of tune, and I would always say, “Just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it.” She wouldn’t do that. She would do things to make you think.