Itzhak Perlman: All I do is my job. My job is to tell the audience what is my concept of the piece that I’m playing. Listen to what I’m playing, and this is the way I feel about that piece. And that, hopefully, communicates to the audience. It’s my job.  So my job is not to play something and to say, “Well, you can listen in if you want. I’m doing my own thing.”  I’m doing this, and I’m presenting this for the audience. So whenever I play a piece, this is my representation of the piece. And I hope that the audience understands the way I feel about it. That’s the way I do it.  And that has nothing to do with whether it’s Carnegie Hall or whether it’s in a small place. Any place, whenever I play — whether it’s in a big place or a small place or a small town, big town, et cetera, et cetera — I have to communicate with the audience.