I would say that my father was completely unsupportive in any way, shape or form, and was really sort of just sharpening his knives waiting for me to fail so that he could say, “Ah-ha, I was right. You should have gone into engineering.” And it was always this sort of attitude of, “Well, you know, one of these days you’ll get a real job and this film thing, you know, will pass as a fad.” So there was zero support there. And I actually think that it made me angry enough that I had to succeed. I think if I had a soft, rosy, supportive kind of “It’s good if you do it, but if it doesn’t work out…” sort of thing that it would have been different. But it kind of made me mad, and I had to prove that I was right, that this was the right thing to be doing and I think it made me mad enough to get good, you know.