If you don’t have the ability to make that leap of faith it’s going to be harder for you to accomplish something great, because there are going to be moments, there are going to be little windows of opportunity that open for a split second and you either squirt through or you don’t. But at the moment that you do that, you have to have prepared yourself. You have to have prepared yourself for that fight, because that’s going to be the fight of your life. Whatever that opportunity is, when you grab it, it’s going to be more energy than you can manage. It’s going to be grabbing the tiger by the tail and if you have not prepared yourself mentally for it through study, through knowing and hypothesizing what it will be like when you’re in that position, you won’t be able to deal with it. And half of what you’ve concluded before the fact in your theoretical projection is going to be wrong but half of it will be right and that’s the part you’re going to prevail with.