I was living in a Star Wars world in my mind, and all of a sudden I saw this film, and it was like somebody had reached into my hind brain and yanked out a lot of stuff that was in there, and I was seeing it on the screen realized. And not to take anything away from George’s creation, because it’s obviously a phenomenal milestone, but my reaction to it was not, “Oh, wow, that’s cool. I want to see more.” It was, “Oh, wow, I better get off my butt because somebody is doing this stuff, you know, and they’re beating me to it.” That was my reaction. So I — you know, I basically quit my job and started, you know, doing a little film with visual effects, and sucked my friends into that vortex, and we all quit our jobs and fortunately we’ve all managed to successfully transition into film making, of that little group of four people.