Well, I know actors who, at that time, were better than I was. One in particular who was so frightened by his own talent, he would only go to auditions drunk. Self-destruction. And I think, on the other end, there were actors who were not as good as I was, perhaps who could have hung in too, but began to blame everything on race. You know? I mean they were black or whatever, minority race. And I did none of these things. I sort of stayed straight, you know, and square. Very, very square, but always able to walk straight in line, you know, toward my goal. Toward it. The goal was not really important. The goal wasn’t to be a millionaire or to be a Hollywood star. That was not the goal. The goal was something about — the goal was to find the goal, but I knew where it was. It had to do with getting on that stage and finding better and better plays — and hopefully movie scripts — to do. To be a part of good story telling. The goal was about that. And nothing threw me off, neither poverty nor discouragement. Nothing threw me off. I didn’t know Churchill’s theory then, but I lived it.