I’m still a stutterer. But we all find a way to mask it. And sometimes, I guess, our vocabulary might be a little larger than it would have ordinarily been because we have to find a word we won’t trip on. A word that begins with the right consonant. I resigned to it as a kid. I guess I was then about — from ten years old — when I was approaching serious schoolwork, you had to really report what you knew, and the teacher accepted that I could do all my reporting with a pencil. I didn’t have to speak. Oral examinations? I did all mine written. And I became just a non-verbal person. I became a writer. And I was resigned to that. That was okay. I was kind of quiet. You know, I compare myself now to Ali — Muhammad Ali. Whenever I meet him, he doesn’t say much. I think he enjoys it back there, not saying very much, because he was such a mouther before — and brilliant at it. Now I think he enjoys being quiet. Well I enjoyed being quiet. As long as people respected and didn’t bother me, and didn’t probe me, it was a nice place to be.