Whether you like it or not, after five years passes, after five years go by, you will be five years older. Things may change for the better or they may change for the worse, but you are going to be five years older! Or in ten years you will be ten years older. And in that time, you can be living a much nicer life, a more productive life, more fun, more everything. Or that life will be dictated by someone else. So I’ve told that to people who work for me. I said, “Hell,” I said, “I don’t mind if you leave and go on to something else. I like to know successful people.” And I’ve worked with guys, I worked with Fred Clark who used to deliver my paintings in a laundry truck. And now Fred is a big actor in Hollywood. He had a runny nose, and a little son to support, and he was living from hand to mouth, and now his name is Matt Clark and he’s been in movies with John Wayne, and he’s in movies constantly. He plays judges and tough guys and cowboys and everything like that. It’s fun to know happy ending stories, but I also know of stories of people who really have nothing and became successful. That’s fun.