We’d come in low and put a snake-eye fixture on a snake eye bomb. That meant as soon as it felt itself released, it would have a shield come up to slow it down so we wouldn’t be getting hit with our own shrapnel. Now that’s the kind of stuff you have to work with all the time, but even with all that, I could hear boom, boom, boom, boom. This little engine is right there. The cockpit is no wider than that, and it’s very noisy inside, but I looked right there and I saw that damn plane and I thought ,”There’s my Armageddon.” And it was fireballs coming at me one after the other. And then now everything is out. The engine is shot up, the hydraulics are gone, and I’ve just got to get out of the airplane and I did. I didn’t have my lip mike on. I had to get it up and say, “I’m going to eject,” and he knew it anyway.