One should see life as consisting of a script, which is DNA, and the actors, which are largely proteins, which are described in the text to great detail. And so you’ve got a system of a play where you’ve got a script and you’ve got the actors, and you could say, “Well, who is more important? Shakespeare or Gielgud? Whose playing now?” And everyone’ll go back and say, “The actors are very important but scripts are more important.” So we’re getting the script for life and, you know, every species has its own script. And initially people said there’s just too many letters and it costs too much money. And so starting about 15 years ago we got together and said, “It won’t cost that much. We could do it for $3 billion but it would take us 15 years,” and you know, back of the envelope calculations was pretty good! It took a little less and its cost was about what we said it would be.