When you go out, people say, “What about super babies?” I said, “None of us know how to produce a super baby, but what would be wrong with a super baby?” And if you could have kids brighter than yourself, you always want to have your kids have opportunities you didn’t, and this sort of saying, “Oh, we can’t! We shouldn’t try and enhance life because we’ll make the spread between those who are lucky and those unlucky even greater.” That’s a very, rather nasty view of human nature. I think we would actually try and help the people at the bottom. And it’s always, you know, “The rich are going to get richer,’ and, you know, our current tax bill is pretty upsetting because you’re thinking the rich get richer, and so I don’t like that. But I think, you know, those people really don’t want homeless people on the streets because they’re schizophrenic. That’s not very nice to live with. I mean, those people–it’s not nice. So we’re trying to help those people. I think you’ve got to sort of assume we’ve succeeded as a social species because we really do like each other. We’re not fundamentally nasty. The nasty people are the exception. Of course, you know, in individual lives we have our good moments and we have some bad moments, but I think one should see genetics in an optimistic way, not a pessimistic way where you’ve got to stop everything.