James Watson: There was this marvelous English book, Chariots of Fire, with the two runners, one of them running for God, and the other to prove that a Jew could run as fast as a Gentile. And it was a great movie. Francis and I were running against God, in the sense that we wanted to know what made us human. Both of us had been subjected to religious truths which came by revelation, and we didn’t have much acceptance of truths by revelation. We wanted to know really what we were. We both were very curious what life was. What is life? And that thinking led you to “What is a gene?” There didn’t seem to be any problem that was important as that. When we found the gene, we realized that people weren’t going to give up accepting truth from revelation, but at least we knew where it came from. Because someone could always say, “There’s something else. There’s more than molecules.” But we couldn’t figure it out. What are there besides molecules? Nothing.