Somebody said, “If you’re interested in animals you must meet Louis Leakey.”  So I rang up.  A voice said, “I’m Leakey.  What do you want?”  He hated the telephone.  So I said I wanted to meet him, and he said, “Come to the museum.”  The natural history museum.  Asked me all these questions, took me around. I think he was amazed that a young girl straight from England with no degree knew so much, because I had done what my mother suggested,  I’d gone on learning about Africa.  I read books, been around the Natural History Museum in London.  So I could answer many of his questions, and he offered me a job just like that, boom, first day.  And I said, rather cheekily, I suppose,  “Well, this is fantastic, but before I settle down to…” — because it was a secretary —  “…to work for you, I must get out into Africa.  I must.  I’ve come all this way and I must go out into the wild and see a lion.”