The toughest part of my study initially was getting the confidence of the chimps. So it started off, they were afraid. Then, when they began to lose their fear they became belligerent. They treated me a bit as though I was a predator, and that is very scary. I mean they’re about eight times stronger than I am. And when the big males were bristling their hair — and often it was in the rain, so they looked very black, because they feel kind of more belligerent in the rain, I guess — and shaking branches, and even sort of the ends of the branches were hitting my head. And knowing they could actually tear me to bits if they’d wanted to. And then the belligerence went away. And it was David Greybeard who really helped me get into their world, because he lost his fear. He wasn’t belligerent. He visited my camp one day to eat palm nuts. Saw some bananas lying around, took them, and then came back for more. So I would wait down in the camp instead of getting up at half past five every day. And one day David took a banana from my hand. That was just after my mother had left.