I wouldn’t do it if it didn’t appear to be having an impact on the people who come to listen to my talks, trying to find time in between to write books, because I love writing books. I love sharing by writing and trying to use the gifts I was given. It’s not something you learn how to do, to be able to communicate. Yes, you can get better at it. But I always wanted to write books to share. And then I found that not only could I write books to share, which people wanted to read, but, but I could also give lectures that people wanted to come to, and it made an impact. And if they didn’t, I wouldn’t do them. I could go back to living in the forest, which is what I love. But how can I go and live in the forest when it’s disappearing? And I feel that maybe there’s something I can do, by inspiring others to take action so that we create, hopefully, a critical mass of people who think differently.