George and I felt strongly that everything was interconnected. There was no point dealing with health unless you dealt with the environment. There was no point dealing with water programs unless you’re also dealing with food, and so on. And it’s been one of the most successful programs of its kind in Africa. We’re replicating it. And I think one reason for its success is, never did white people go into a village and say, “Well, you’ve got yourselves in a mess. This is what we’re going to do to help you.” It was a Tanzanian team from the very start. We still have that same team today, all these years later, who went into the village and sat down in the traditional African way to listen to the problems and to ask the people what they thought would make their lives better. And what was it? Was it conservation? No. It was education for their children and health. So that’s where we began, working with local Tanzanian authorities.