I think it’s always hard to know why you’re drawn to a particular thing. I think part of it is if you have a facility with that thing, of course it’s satisfying to do it and so in a way that’s self-reinforcing. And, certainly I always had a facility with computers. I always got along well with them and they’re such extraordinary tools. You can teach them to do things and then they actually do them. It’s kind of an incredible tool that we’ve built here in the 20th Century. That was a love affair that really did start in the fourth grade, and by the time I got to high school — I think when I was in 11th grade I got an Apple II Plus — and continued fooling around with computers, and then by the time I got to Princeton I was taking all the computer classes, and actually not just learning how to hack, but learning about algorithms and some of the mathematics behind computer science, and it’s fascinating. It’s really a very involving and fun subject.