Jennifer Doudna: It’s not really visual.  It’s not something I could draw on a piece of paper.  It’s more a process, in a way, right?  It’s almost like a flowchart.  It’s sort of thinking, “Okay, if we want to figure this out, we could do this, and then this, and then, depending on how that works out, we can do this or this,” you know, that kind of thing.  It’s almost like a flowchart.  And there’s a logic there.  And then I’ll think, “Okay, and if we want to do that experiment, I know we need these controls so that we can interpret the data,” and then I’ll start thinking about how to— logistically — how to get all the pieces to — this person would be good at doing this one thing, this other person over here would be great to help us out with this other thing, that person over there would be a great collaborator because they know how to do something that we don’t know how to do. That kind of thing.  So I do love team-building and thinking about how do you — if you want to answer a question in the lab, how do you do it? Both, which experiments to do, and also, “How do I bring the right people together to do those experiments?”  I love doing that.  It’s fun.