Jennifer Doudna: I kind of get into a zone.  I have a desk in my kitchen at home, and that’s often where I’ll sit. I can look out at my garden and that’s always a source of inspiration at some level.  But I’ll often sit there when I’m working or thinking or reading.  A lot of times I’m reading and I’m taking notes and I’m kind of puzzling something out.  Sometimes it’s just I’m out weeding my tomato plants and, like I said, suddenly something will come to me and I’ll think, “Ooh!”  And then the other thing is that I found that I have to keep a notebook by the side of my bed, because it’s not uncommon that I’ll wake up at some hour of the day or night — early day or late night — and have an idea and think, “Ooh, that’s interesting. I want to pursue that.”  And I’ll just jot it down.  I’m usually scribbling in the dark.  It’s like I can’t see. I’m just trying to scribble enough that I can read it in the morning and remember the idea.Doudna 12