Is the patent fight nastier than I thought?  Yes.  I think that’s been one of the worst parts of this whole experience for me, honestly.  Yeah.  I couldn’t have prepared for it, and I’ve tried to view it as part of my education.  And sometimes education’s painful.  Sometimes the way you learn things in life is through pain.  This is one of them for me.  It just is.  But I try to view it as part of my education.  It’s part about learning about people and their behavior, learning about the patenting process itself, and why do we do it and how does it work. And in many ways I feel it’s sort of broken, but this is the system that we have and we have to work with it.  There also are occasional glimmers of light.  I guess I was incredibly happy that my university has stuck up for me.  They have.  They could have let me just drift away.  They could have just turned their back and they didn’t, and that meant a lot to me.