If you’re successful in a sort of role, when people read another role that’s rather similar they think, “Ask him, he’s the man.” You read it and you say, “I’ve done this. I did this for this guy. I don’t want to do this.” So nevertheless, what I’m saying is that what one is — one’s parameters are constantly narrowed by one’s success, and my desire is to widen my field even if I risk failure. The risk of failure and daring failure, I think, is another great way towards success, which George Orwell says in 1984 doesn’t he? I don’t remember the quote but, “If you take away the freedom to risk then you take away the freedom to succeed.” I’m misquoting. What I try to do as an actor is constantly find that, find ways to risk, find opportunities to fall on my face if it’s going to be worth it and then maybe I’ll surprise myself.