“You’re being very British about this, Jeremy. You’re 30. If you’re going to make it in this life you’re going to make it in your 30s. And you think you’re right, and you’re stepping down because you’ve been told you can’t win in court — If that’s the way you’re going to manage your life then fine, but don’t expect too much.” So I sat down. I had a couple of martinis and dinner and then returned to my home and wrote a long letter to the chairman of the television company telling him that I was off unless by six o’clock the following day he would agree to release me to make this film. And I laid out — I knew everything he would do to me. I said, “I know you can bar me from the union. I know you can sue me.” They by then had spent eight million, I think. I said, “My house is worth 85,000. That’s about all I have but you can sue me for that. I’m not a hysterical actor. I’m just an actor against the wall.” You know. I called my lawyer the first thing in the morning and read it over the phone to him and said, “That’s what I want to send.” He said, “If you’re absolutely sure. You seem to know the downside.” I said, “Yes.” He says, “All right. Fax it to me and I’ll have it delivered around,” which he did.