Jimmy Page: The amount of people that I’ve met throughout my life, from the age of 24, that said that Led Zeppelin music has meant so much to their lives. And that’s a wonderful thing, a remarkable thing, to know that you’ve — that you made a difference in people’s lives. But not only that. In parallel with that is the young musicians who I’ve been impressed by, the production techniques, by the guitar playing and the various styles of guitar playing, by the songwriting, and they’ve been inspired to be musicians themselves. And that’s a wonderful legacy to have, to know that you’ve been able to do something which has made a change, something which was your hobby, something which was your passion, something which you believed in all the way through and you wouldn’t deviate from it. But the thing that you believe that you had to do is keep making an improvement on your own personal performance and what you could do in expanding the whole horizons of everything.