Jimmy Page: In those days what they would do, they would replace the drummer because the drums would take quite a while to get a balance in a recording studio, so they’d bring in a session drummer where they knew immediately what his sound was going to be. And I would be augmenting the group, so sometimes replacing the guitarist, and they would just ask me on certain circumstances just to play whatever you want to play, so it was invention and improvisation. So I had a good sort of year of doing that, and then they eventually — from these little chord charts in Play in a Day then I started to get some music notation, and basically what — it was a hinge. You’re really in. You’re really in this world, and you’re accepted, and we love you here and the part that you can play, because I could play so many different styles of music, see? And I was also being employed in that way, so folk music and pop music, rock and roll music, blues music.