Jimmy Page: Somebody who I — when I was 12 years old and I had a homemade bass and he had a homemade guitar, and he was brought to my house by his sister, who was in art college in Epsom — was Jeff Beck. I’d known Jeff Beck, and I put Jeff Beck in for the role of the Yardbirds, and we were very, very good friends. And he would he would come and visit me, and we’d often — while I was in this whole incarnation of being a session musician, and he’d invited me to Yardbird shows — we’d also discussed the possibility that it would be really fun if we could both play together in a band on lead guitar, and have something in the style of the old big bands, like Duke Ellington, Count Basie, where you had the brass sections really, really strong, and with vibrant effect. And one night we went to Oxford — I think it was the Oxford Union dance, or it was May Ball or something like that — and that night there was a row with the band, and the bass player left the band, and they had to play the Marquee, this Marquee Club, and they didn’t have anybody, couldn’t work out who they were gonna get to fill in on bass, so I volunteered to play bass. So that we could then mutate into this plan of having Jeff and myself on lead guitars, and the rhythm guitars would take over the bass duties, and that’s what happened.