Jimmy Page: When I was a studio musician I had done home recordings, where you overlay one guitar and another, this sort of thing that Les Paul would do, but of course it wasn’t anywhere near as sophisticated as Les Paul. I would hear things on records and sort of think I could work out how they were done, but now I had the opportunity to ask engineers how things were done. I could play records too and say, “How do you arrive at that? How is that effect done? Is that a natural echo chamber, or is it a fabricated spring reverb?” or whatever. I got to learn how to do microphone placings, which there’s a whole science to microphone placing, and I was a producer as well. So now I come out of that world. I’m an active musician in the Yardbirds but have a really, really good time. I’m starting to really enjoy myself and be able to try some of the more avant-garde ideas with the Yardbirds even, like playing the guitar with a bow, etcetera.