I wanted to make something which was really new insomuch that there would be four superstars in the band that they — if you listened to the records you would be able to listen to it and then — playing as an ensemble — or you could listen to it and just listen to what the drummer is doing. Or you could just listen to what the guitarist is doing, or the bass, or the keyboard, or the vocals.  You can just appreciate exactly what that input is because it wasn’t just one superstar with a collective. This was exactly what I wanted to do, so the music will actually work at counterpoint. And that’s exactly what it was. So it was something — within the music something really new, something for people to be able to enjoy and connect with because in those days that’s what people had, was their music. They really — it wasn’t like things are today.  They didn’t have so many things to amuse them, but music was what they really followed and what they really enjoyed. That was their release, and also, if a band — if they followed a band and the band was to fragment and one member would have a band over here, another over here, then they would follow them, and they would — you know, it was really, though — and so that was very helpful for me because with The Yardbirds I’d built up of a cult audience as a guitarist, you see.