In your career you always have opportunities, sometimes to do something different or sometimes to stay the same.  Most people, and I think I’m one, would say I prefer to follow the route that is most likely to be successful.  So I could see, by getting underway with the work we started, that every time you would answer one question there’s always another question.  And you think, well, I can see how to go on from there, go further. So you see, you follow the opportunities which present themselves.  Now if I had found that at an early stage they said, “We’ve received this application for grant support to carry out, but we don’t like it.  We’re not giving you anything,” I would have had no opportunities.  So I would have had to have done something different.  But as long as the opportunities keep presenting themselves, there’s a very strong temptation to say, “Well, I’ll follow this opportunity.  And I was lucky in that opportunities kept coming up.