The fact is, I was in a class of 250 students of the same stage, and I was in the bottom group. There were 22 such classes, and I was in the least able ones.  I wasn’t really good at other work, and I came bottom of that one.  I mean I was the worst out of 250 in biology.  So the biology master teacher said, “Well, this person’s hopeless.  There’s no question of him trying to make a career in science because he’s just no good at that.”  So that meant I was taken away from that subject of science all the rest of my school time and was put into Ancient Greek and Latin, not because I was thought to be particularly good at that, but they had too many teachers and had to give them something to do. So the people who were — I know they said of me, “He has no ability to undertake any subject in depth, so we’ll put him in the bottom and put him into the sort of dumping class” of people who were not able to manage anything much.  That’s how it happened.