The school said, “We’re not going to teach him science.  He’s no good at that, so we’ll take him off that.”  My parents couldn’t do much about that.  I mean the school says, “We’re going to teach you what we think we can,” and it was they who got me back into it.  When I finished my school time at a fee-paying school, they then said, “We’ll give you a year in which to try and get you back into science,” having had to give it up.  I’m very sorry for them. I mean all this money was almost completely wasted.  The only good thing is that, in retrospect, the teacher was such a bad teacher that I was spared being badly taught for three more years at school.  Other people I’ve met since were taught by this teacher, and they all said he was terrible.  I mean most of the time he was wrong in what he said — factually wrong, in that he’d teach the wrong information.  So it was sort of a relief to be no longer under the control of someone who wasn’t a good teacher.