I had got into the biology course at Oxford University, and I had problems with that because a lot of that was just memory.  You learn the names of things.  But in the last year, I somehow got the idea of how to answer these exams.  And that got me a good degree.  Then the person who I worked under — I’d applied, you see, at that point, to do a Ph.D. in entomology because I was interested in insects.  Luckily, in retrospect, the professor rejected me.  That was quite right because he wasn’t a very good entomologist anyway. But the person who took me on was someone in a different subject, and he actually said to me, would I be interested in doing a Ph.D. under him.  And that was a huge blessing.  He was extremely good as a mentor.  I owe an enormous amount to him.  He sort of picked me out of the rubbish bin, more or less, and said, “You can come and do your Ph.D. with me.” With him.  So that was an enormous blessing.